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Learn the Mezzio Framework's Fundamentals and Start Creating Great Apps - Today!

"Mezzio Essentials" is a comprehensive introduction to developing applications with the Mezzio Framework, a micro-framework for PHP. It gets you started right away — with a minimum of background theory and concepts.
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So, What's The Book About?

Most technical books overwhelm you with theory about all the various features and functionality that a given library or tool provides, yet gives you precious little hands-on knowledge of how to use those features to actually build something.

You find yourself thinking: "Well it's nice that I know about all of these things, but how do I actually use them?", and getting frustrated wanting to start building an app, but all you have is a warm and fuzzy feeling and a head full of theory.

This book doesn't do that!

    Instead, it:
  • Teaches you only as much theory as you need so that you can begin building applications — right away.
  • Is a practical, hands-on guide, which steps you through how to build an application, from start to finish.

Here's What You Get

What Is a Micro-framework?

First, you’ll find out what a micro-framework is, so that you’re in the right mindset for the rest of the book.

What Is the Mezzio Framework?

Then, you’ll get a rapid overview of Mezzio, specifically it’s core concept, PSR-15 (or Middleware).

Learn About the Mezzio Framework's Core Components

After that, you’ll learn about the four core components: Routing, Dependency Injection, Templating, and Error Handling. In this chapter, you’ll learn why Mezzio strikes the right balance between too much and too little functionality.

Create An Application By Hand

With that foundation in place, you’re going to build a Mezzio application — by hand! Why would you do this? So that you know exactly what’s going on under the hood. While doing so, you’ll also learn the most powerful aspect of Mezzio applications - middleware.

Create An Application Using Mezzio's Skeleton Installer

Now that you’ve built an Mezzio application manually, you'll learn how to save time and effort by using the Skeleton Installer and its tooling support. You’ll learn how to save time and effort by choosing the options that are right for you, and having a core application generated for you, from tried and tested templates. You’ll then learn how it’s composed, and how it improves upon the one you created by hand.

Increase the Power of an Application

With knowledge of how to build an application manually and with the skeleton installer, you’ll next learn about how to extend its power by adding support for databases. The Mezzio framework starts off lean, but can be augmented rapidly, as your needs demand. So here, you’ll learn how to add more power when the time comes.

Build Powerful Middleware Pipelines

Finally, with all this knowledge at your disposal, you’ll finish up by learning how to compose powerful middleware pipelines, ones that suit exactly the situations that you need, dare I say perfectly! You’ll learn to create powerful, flexible, reusable, and maintainable pipelines that scale with you.

Mezzio Essentials teaches you all of this, so that you stay focused on learning what you need to know to start creating real-world, marketable applications as soon as possible — ones you can charge money for.

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"Matt not only shows you how to build a middleware based PHP app, he also explains how it works under the hood As always, understanding how the pieces fit together makes us better problem solvers/devs."

Dmitri Goosens (@dgoosens)

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Here's what you get:

  • Learn about the Mezzio framework's core components
  • Learn how to create an application using Mezzio's Skeleton Installer
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Here's What You'll Learn

Mezzio’s Central Concepts

  • What is PSR-15?
  • What is PSR-7?
  • What is Middleware?

Mezzio’s Core Components

  • The Router
  • The Dependency Injection Container
  • The Template Layer
  • The Error Handler

How to Create an Application Manually

  • Iteration One: A Router, a Bootstrap File, and a Dependency Injection (DI) Container
  • Iteration Two: Make the Default Route’s Handler Reusable
  • Iteration Three: Register the Handler With the DI Container
  • Iteration Four: Make the App Configuration-driven
  • Iteration Five: Extract the Routes
  • Iteration Six: Let’s Make the Application More Resilient.

How to Create an Application Using the Skeleton Installer

  • Iteration One: Pick Your Installation Type
  • Iteration Two: Pick Your Dependency Injection Container
  • Iteration Three: Pick Your Router
  • Iteration Four: Pick Your Template Engine
  • Iteration Five: Error Handler

Make Use of The Code From the Manual Build

  • Create a New Module
  • Refactor the MovieData Service
  • Copy Over and Refactor the RenderMovies* Classes
  • Create the View Template
  • Refactor RenderMoviesActionFactory
  • Update the Routing Table

How to Increase Your Application’s Power

  • Registering Services With the Dependency Injection Container
  • Adding Database Support
  • Update RenderMoviesHandler and RenderMoviesHandlerFactory
  • Update the Template

Organizing Middleware

  • Use Middleware Pipelines on Individual Routes
  • Creating Middleware Pipelines With Factories
  • Using Traits for Common Workflows
  • Using Delegator Factories

Who Wrote the Book?

Hi, I'm Matthew Setter - the book's author. I'm a long-time user of the Zend Framework and Zend Expressive, the precursors to the Mezzio framework. I even maintained a blog dedicated to them for some years, called Master Zend Framework.

I've been writing software since 1996, and working with PHP since version 3, before it even had OOP support. In that time, I've worked on all kinds of applications in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

In this book, I'm excited to share with you just how easy it is to create applications with the Mezzio framework, a micro-framework for PHP; whether small, one-page applications, or enterprise-grade applications.

Photo of Matthew Setter (@settermjd), author of Mezzio Essentials

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Front cover of the Mezzio Essentials book

Frequently Asked Questions

What version of the Mezzio framework was the book written for?

It's currently valid for version 3.5.0, but is regularly updated to match the most recent release.

Do I get future updates of the book?

Sure do. Once you've purchased a copy of the book, all updates are free.

Can I get an invoice?

Sure can! There'll be one in the email that you receive, after purchasing the book.

I've lost my download link. What do I do?

Email me at [email protected], with your details, and I'll get that fixed up for you.

Can I get student discount?

Sure can! Email me at [email protected], and let's work something out.